Pz b2 matchmaking

The rare pzkpfw b2 740 (f) is once again on sale this heavy tank was captured from the french and retrofitted for german service it's got.

Favourable matchmaking that will always put it at the very top of the list ( provided that it's not in a platoon) in a tier iii-iv battle, the pz b2 can.

Pz b2 matchmaking

The pzkpfw b2 740 (f) is a german tier 4 premium heavy tank again a reminder: since the b2 has special matchmaking, you may only.

This week, we bring you the pzkpfw b2 740(f), the tier iv premium although it's a low-tier heavy, it's special matchmaking rules ensure that.

Preferential matchmaking premium vehicles there are two solutions for preferential matchmaking premium rip good old pz b2.

Pz b2 matchmaking
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